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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lately I have been trying to get some new projects going. I really want to start making my own crafts and sell them. So, what I’m going to do is post some things and show you all a preview of what I’ve been working on. My cozies you’ve already seen, and the hot pad. I found a pattern for a case to hold all my crochet needles, scissors, and things. It didn’t turn out as good as I hoped. But it’s for me so I don’t care. Also, I made these scrubbies. Not sure how well they work yet but it turned out pretty good. All I did was take the netting you sometimes get from produce like onions, or oranges? I cut it into strips, just like I do with the plastic bags, and link it together just the same. Then I took the same “Sugar n’Cream”yarn I use to make my potholders(which I have never shown), and pick whatever color I feel fitting. The inspiration came from the website, myrecycledbags.com using a combination of these two patterns you can find on these links. http://www.myrecycledbags.com/2007/06/10/pot-scrubber-crocheted-from-plastic-bags/,http://www.myrecycledbags.com/2008/06/12/my-greenie-pot-scrubber/. I really wanted to do just the pot scrubber, but I got so frustrated with the plastic netting I came up with something else.

I got caught up on all the other things I was in the middle of, like the case. The one thing I’m still working on now is a rag rug. I’ve been really excited to do one of these and I have no idea at the moment if it will turn out. But I found a really easy pattern so I’m going to follow it and hopefully it will be a success. if not I will try another pattern or different rags. I won’t be giving up on them. Here’s the page for the instructions on the rag rug I’m making, http: //ragrugcafe.com/. All the other ones require a sewing machine. I have one but it’s sitting at my parent’s house safely, until we move. Plus, if I can get away with a few less steps I’m okay with that.

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